Sucessful stories

During the development process of the online store software ataSTORE we put our best dedication and knowledge so as to build a usable and nice store which enhances the purchase experience.

Nonetheless, if there is one point where ataSTORE beats their rivals, this is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Although in order to get a good position in search results is necessary to work adequately on the web contents, it also has a key importance that the computer code and website structure both have some special features not usually found in e-commerce applications.

ataSTORE gives our website a prominent position in Google searches with a lot of less of the effort often needed in other websites.

Now let's show some ataSTORE successful stories. is an online Chemist's shop selling cosmetics and nutrition products. At the same time this store is a reference on health and beauty topics.

Technically speaking, the key or the fantastic SEO of La parafarmacia en casa are:


La Parafarmacia is in the first position on Google almost always when searching the exact name of a product of its catalog. For example "Crema anticelulítica somatoline reductor menopausia" or "El granero arroz integral largo bio 1 kg.":

La Parafarmacia en casa La Parafarmacia en casa


It is also in the first page of Google results for generic searches like "Cremas y productos corporales" or "Varices y piernas cansadas":

La Parafarmacia en casa La Parafarmacia en casa


And of course, it is always the number one result when a search for its name “La parafarmacia en casa” is perform, what is important for the previous customers who know our name and look for it not to be redirect to rival pages.


The work previously explain has as a consequence that visits to the website have been increasing continously since its creation, as we can see in the following chart showing the visits during the first months of the project:

La Parafarmacia en casa

The second sucess story we want to highlight is Mathom an online store of role playing games, collectible cards games and board games.

We are specially proud of hosting this store which has some special features that make it different from most common e-commerce websites:

  • An impressive catalog with more than 22,000 products including multiple rare cards and discontinued articles.
  • Customers from everywhere in the world.
  • A purchase method specially designed for the collectible card games (a shopping card usually has dozens of these cards).


For this case the key of the gained SEO are two principles:

  • The indexation of an enormous catalog.
  • The specificity of its products and its target market.

Because of that reasons, Mathom receives traffic for almost every search about role playing, cards and board games material, like for example searches for "anillo mágico de sigilo" or "Hardwired - guía para cyberpunk":

Mathom store Mathom store

A lot of more impressive is that Mathom Store appears in the first results for generic searches like "tienda de juegos de rol" or even "Mathom" (an original term from the Lord of the Rings universe):

Mathom store Mathom store

This prominent positioning make that everyday new customers from everywhere know this online store.


About ataSTORE
  • ataSTORE is the most flexible, robust and powerful software for e-commerce in the market, with unbeatable value for cost, that is easily and intuitively handled.